Sex Machine Dildo Attachments for Sale

Sex machine dildo attachment sale

Different types of dildo serve different purposes in fucking machine sex. Some dongs are made softer, some are harder. Some have smaller glans to provide easy entry to anus, some have bigger glans that offer effective G-spot stimulation.

Unlike Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock dildo attachment system, Dao Huan Sex Machine uses industrial ‘quick connect’ fittings for connecting dildo and fuck machine. This ‘quick connect’ system works faster than Vac-U-Lock adapter in terms of attaching and detaching speed of dildo.

Fucking Machine Dildo Attachments - PVC

PVC dildo attachments

PVC dongs resemble more realistic penis in terms of looks and feels. Above are general purpose dildos for your sex machine. Firmness level: Medium.

Dildo attachments for sale

Silicone dildo attachments for sale

Silicone dildos tend to be hard, with very smooth surface. Thanks to silicone’s non-porous characteristic, which makes it very easy to clean. Plus they are designed with smaller glans, which is ideal for anal penetration. Their curved shape also provides G-spot massage for female ejaculation.

“I’m a nympho. I bought a sex machine to satisfy my sexual needs.”

You can replace nympho with 'loner' or 'sex addict', whichever you feel appropriate. Fucking machines aren't merely used for masturbation to fulfill one's high sex drive. They are used by adventurous couples and swingers for fun, as well as by elderly to maintain active sex life. There's even a film genre based on these automatic dildo devices. Their common goal? Mind blowing orgasms. Fucking Machine Bondage Sex

An addition to your bondage stories

Do you fantasize about latex bondage? How about Japanese rope bondage? If they aren't extreme enough, incorporate a fuck machine into your fantasy. While the BDSM master whips your breasts, you are penetrated by a ruthless machine until multiple orgasms. After such disciplinary actions, you will be more obedient to your master.

Fucking machines play an unique role in sex therapy

The machine itself is a sex device. When it's integrated with a rack, chair or pillow, it becomes part of a sex furniture. Fucking machine simulates real sexual intercourse by pushing a dildo in and out of your vagina or anus, or both at the same time with double penetration dildo holder. It helps release tension among sexual addiction clients. Sex machines sale to therapist is not unusual.
Dildo Machine for gay men anal sex

Dildo machine for gay men anal sex

Anal orgasm is one of the pleasure gay male enjoys. Traditionally it requires a partner to do ass fuck, or you get flexible enough to slide a dildo in and out of your anus with one hand. Now, thanks to innovative engineers, you can have your ass fucked by a dildo machine.

One of the groups the sex machine serves are elderly, sick homosexual men who want to get their dose of dopamine and oxytocin. These are the neural hormones that make people feel good. Building a fucking machine to masturbate might be something they've been wanting all their lives.

Dildo machine is best for female multiple orgasms, too.

Let's face it: Every man can have penile orgasm, but only once at a time. Not every woman can have vaginal orgasm, but when she can, she can have it multiple times at once.

Some women are the "lucky ones" that tend to be addicted to multiple vaginal orgasms. They feel blessed and fulfilled. They sometimes even feel greedy - when they are bathing in the aura of cum, they can't stop it - even after their man is exhausted.

This is when the fucking machine comes in. After her man's one-time penile orgasm, the automatic dildo device takes over and continues on fucking. Don't be afraid that dildo machine will take over mankind like terminators. Sex for women is 90% mental, 10% physical. Do not worry about your intelligence being challenged by a sex machine - at least not yet in today's technology.

Masturbation machine for self pleasure

Do you still fuck yourself with a handheld dildo? Either you are a transgender, lesbian or straight woman, self penetration has to be easy. For women who want their vagina to be "awakened", give orgasm machine a try. You may find yourself squirting (female ejaculation) due to consistent stimulation of the g-spot. For anal penetration folks, you will start to enjoy handsfree prostate massage with these masturbation robots.

Make Fucking Machine - Purchase Guide

Make fucking machine demo your purchase guide

There are plenty of sex machine shops on the Internet. If you really look into each one of them, you'll find that only a handful that offer original fucking machines for sale. The other 95% web stores are simply clones of other websites.

Because you're online, you don't have the physical device that you can review and play around. Thus, you rely heavily on the media they provide - words, pictures, videos etc. If you want to find out a machine's mechanical or electrical specification, read the words. Other than that, you should focus on their pictures and videos. Displaying best pictures may sound basic, but you won't believe how many sex machine vendors put out horrific pictures that are small, low resolution, and taken in inappropriate backgrounds with poor lighting. What do these amateur pictures say about their fucking machines? Yes, amateur.

Fucking machines are not low price items. However, they are often presented as if they are cheap dildos in an adult superstore. Even those tiny, low-res pictures are limited to 3 to 4 shots per machine. How much of selling power do they have?

A sex machine demo video worths a million words

"Don't just say what you're gonna do. Show me." This may sound like a political slogan, but the same holds true when it comes to online sale.

In this technology world, affordable digital cameras are everywhere. There's no excuse not to present a quality-built fucking machine (according to seller's words) in a video format, unless there's something fishy about their product, which is often the case.

When you watch a demo video, a few things will be cleared out right away - power of motor (torque), sound level, sturdiness etc. It also shows you how to operate the machine from start to finish, how to adjust thrusting angle & stroke length, and how to offset structural movements during stroking. You may learn more from the demo video than from the accompanied manual.

Are you looking to buy a powerful, strong, yet quiet fucking machine? Start with the videos.

Best Place to Buy Fucking Machines

Best place to buy fucking machines

Fucking Machine $300 Price

Fucking machine at $300 price range

You may have wondered, "Where is the best place to buy sex machines?"

Given the fact that there aren't many local sex shops carrying 'fucking machine' line - if they do, it'll be expensive. And you don't often get word-of-mouth recommendation from your friends on this matter, thus purchasing through an online store might be your best bet.

Avoid buying junk

Avoid buying junk

There is plenty of sex machine shop on the Internet. Prices range from 100 USD to 2500 USD. The dirt cheap $100 something types are junk. Those sex machines - if you call them machines instead of toys - are loud and weak. They usually break after a few times of using.

Then there are premium top-ends. Their power transfer and mechanical system are different from conventional fuck machines, while they keep the same noise level as conventional ones have. Would you rather spend $2000 or less on a 5K Retina iMac?

Finding the best machine for you

Sex Machine with Block Bearings

Sex machine with block bearings can handle big, heavy attachments

Not all fucking machines are manufactured to cater to the same needs. Some are made flexible in angle and stroke length adjustment. Some are built to handle massive dildos & masturbators. While ones are designed to minimize sounds, the others are produced with portability in mind.

If noise is your concern, choose the machine with a slide. The slide is silent & light weight. It doesn't produce a lot of noise, but it's not ideal for heavy duty usage.

Slide is the most silent

Slide is the most silent

If you'd like to attach heavyweight attachments (big dong etc.) to your sex machine, be sure to select the ones that have pillow block bearings as slider. To maximize the angle adjust ability, there should be two block bearings in sliding system, not one. Pillow block bearings are the most durable of all sides, but not the quietest.

Toolbox Fucking Machine

Toolbox fucking machine

There's a special breed in fucking machine ecosystem - named Toolbox. They look like a toolbox. But when they are called upon, they can transform into a sex robot in a heartbeat, just like Transformers. Too much of an exaggeration? Of course! But this describes the portability and camouflage this special breed possesses.

Do you have specific needs that above kinds of machines haven't covered yet? Let us know. We're happy to help.